Absolutely. Except Stiles looks enraged at the thought of Derek getting killed. Not frightened or horrified. ENRAGED. And FOCUSED. They will not get Derek. They will not so much as touch a hair…

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Not hostages. Kidnapped. Derek, Kira, and Scott sit alone, solemnly in the six by six room, silently stare at each other until the walls feel like they’re pressing in with the intent to kill. There’s only one door, and it hasn’t…

sorrow waited
sorrow won


He was a boy, he was a boy, can I make it any more obvious? 

AU where Derek and Stiles have the classic, cheesy high school romance and are boyfriends forever and ever the end (。≖‿≖。✿)


Teen Wolf AU: [Part 1/2] The Academy Award winning actor Derek Hale and up and coming star Stiles Stilinski meet on set of a movie they’re shooting together, and fall in love. However, their managers and PR team advises them to keep their relationship a secret while promoting the movie; after all, Hollywood isn’t exactly known for supporting LGBTQ actors, and they fear having Derek and Stiles both coming out as bisexual will keep a lot of conservative people from seeing the film. Reporters have already begun questioning the nature of their relationship, mostly because Derek - not exactly known for his sunny demeanour or getting along with his co-stars - can’t keep himself from singing Stiles’ praises (and neither can Stiles).

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Jared: Jensen!
Jensen: Who is that!?
Jared: I said Jensen.


#one of my favorite spn things ever is how genuinely offended castiel looks when dean compares him to a baby

Fun fact: Misha actually forgot his line here and so he just stared out the window so Jensen’s face is his genuine reaction.